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Every WorkLife Category presents unique challenges that only peers can truly understand.  Business owners face different challenges than, executives, a solopreneurs' day is very different from a mid-level manager, and so on.  Every Christian in business needs the support, prayer, encouragement and practical training to cope with the everyday challenges of the workplace.  How can you become a stronger Christian and succeed in your work role at the same time?  Join your peers to sharpen and mentor each other. 

 Christian Business Owner Roundtable (CBOR)

Business owners have ultimate responsibility for their enterprise. How do I operate ethically in regard to my customers, employees and vendors and still make a profit?  How is this year going?  What is my cashflow?  Can I expand my business?  Do I need to make cutbacks?  Where can I find good employees?  The CBOR is comprised of business owners with employees or brick & mortar storefronts; your peers who also face these challenges daily.

Christian Business Executive Roundtable  CBER)

The pressures on a leader in a major corporate entity can be immense.  Thousands or millions of dollars are your responsibility as is an employee workforce looking to you for direction.  Temptations and opportunities to fall away from God are ever-present, and there are few others to share the struggles at the highest level.  The CBER is for executives (VP or higher) in companies with 100+ employees.

Christian Business Manager Roundtable  (CBMR)

What is it like to have all of the responsibility, but only limited authority?  How do you effectively manage a staff and interpret and implement the requirements of upper management?  Who knows the feeling of looming layoffs or the uncertainty of your role simply being swallowed in a restructuring?  The CBMR is for those who supervise 2 or more employees in a non-ownership role.

Christian Business Solopreneur Roundtable (CBSR)

It can be lonely without a support team to interact with and challenge you on a daily basis.  How do you stay motivated?  How do you stay focused when operating from a home base? Are you working on your own in your solo business?  Join others who understand.

Christian Business Women Roundtable (CBWR)
All other CBR groups are open to Christian men and women in business. The CBWR is for women only, those who have traditionally faced their own unique pressures and issues in their many worklife and family roles.


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